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In the era of hybrid work environments, Microsoft Teams has become a cornerstone of Microsoft’s product portfolio. With the continuous enhancement of this platform, Microsoft is committed to equipping users with innovative features to streamline their experience. Among the most recent and impactful additions to Teams are Copilot in Teams and Teams Premium. In this article, we will dive into the key features of these solutions and explore how they work together to enhance team productivity.

Microsoft Teams Premium

Microsoft Teams Premium is an add-on license for Microsoft Teams that enhances users’ access to more advanced experiences within the Teams ecosystem. It leverages the power of AI to facilitate smarter and more efficient work processes, creating personalized meeting experiences that drive improved business outcomes, all while enabling users to collaborate with greater security.

Primary features of Microsoft Teams Premium

1. Intelligence recap with Microsoft Teams Premium

At the forefront of Teams Premium is the “Intelligence Recap,” a powerful tool designed to transform the way businesses approach meetings and information retention. With the “Intelligence Recap” feature in Teams Premium, you can harness the full potential of AI to work smarter and more efficiently.

  • AI-powered meeting summaries: AI-generated notes provide a comprehensive summary of every meeting, eliminating the need for manual note-taking.
  • AI-generated action items: Teams Premium offers AI-generated tasks and action items, simplifying the follow-up process after meetings.
  • Personalized meeting timeline: “Intelligence Recap” offers a personalized timeline that allows you to navigate through meeting recordings and easily locate specific parts of the meeting.
  • Live meeting caption translation: Teams Premium offers live translation of meeting captions, breaking language barriers and promoting clarity and understanding between team members from different parts of the world.

2. Custom and personalized meetings with Teams Premium

Teams Premium offers an array of features to help you create personalized and professional meetings.

  • Personalized meetings: With Teams Premium, you can create personalized meetings that embody your organization’s identity, making a lasting impression on participants.
  • Let your brand shine: Teams Premium allows you to infuse your brand into meetings by incorporating organizational backgrounds and “organization together mode” scenes, enhancing your company’s presence and fostering a more engaging atmosphere.

3. Elevating security with Microsoft Teams Premium

Teams Premium offers a comprehensive suite of security features to safeguard your meetings and protect sensitive data.

  • Advanced meeting protection: Teams Premium fortifies your organization’s security by applying advanced meeting protection measures, including encryption and safety options.
  • Watermarking for enhanced security: Teams Premium enables watermarking of shared content and video feeds, deterring leaks and ensuring sensitive data remains secure.
  • Enhancing confidentiality with meeting options: Teams Premium allows you to designate access to record meetings and provides end-to-end encryption for online meetings requiring the highest level of protection.
  • Automation with sensitivity labels: For Microsoft 365 E5 subscribers, Teams Premium offers sensitivity labels to automate the addition of meeting options that protect sensitive information.
  • Data loss prevention (DLP): Teams Premium includes DLP policies to protect sensitive information and prevent data leaks.
  • eDiscovery and legal hold: Teams Premium incorporates eDiscovery and legal hold capabilities to meet legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Advanced threat protection: Teams Premium includes advanced threat protection features to safeguard against malicious attacks and malware.

4. Advanced virtual appointments

Teams Premium offers a comprehensive suite of features to optimize and streamline your virtual appointments.

  • SMS notifications: Teams Premium introduces SMS notifications, allowing event organizers to send personalized text messages to attendees, improving attendance rates and providing convenient reminders.
  • Custom waiting room: Teams Premium allows event organizers to tailor the waiting room experience for attendees, creating a more personalized and professional environment.
  • Queue management for scheduled and on-demand appointments: Teams Premium enables efficient management of appointments with a centralized queue that showcases both scheduled and on-demand appointments.
  • Analytics for informed decision-making: Teams Premium provides valuable insights into appointments, empowering better decision-making and enhancing customer experiences.

5. Elevating webinars with Microsoft Teams Premium

Teams Premium brings a host of features that significantly impact the way webinars are conducted, enhancing both the presenter and attendee experience.

  • Streamlined registration workflows: Teams Premium allows managing demand and registration capacity with waitlists and manual approval of registrants.
  • Behind-the-scenes tools: Teams Premium provides a virtual green room for presenters to stage content, interact with other presenters, and prepare for the webinar.
  • Audience engagement management: Teams Premium lets you curate and manage what attendees see on their screens during webinars, minimizing distractions and keeping them engaged.

Copilot in Microsoft Teams

Copilot takes collaboration to the next level with features designed to streamline workflows and empower productivity.

Meeting recap

Copilot provides meeting recaps and suggests actions based on discussions. It delves into contextual details to uncover the why and how behind decisions made during meetings. Copilot also summarizes sales calls and captures clients’ questions related to product features, benefits, pricing, and sales advice.

Conversation summaries

Copilot extends to Teams chat, allowing users to extract key conversation points from chat threads. This feature is particularly valuable for teams operating across different time zones, as it delivers quick and concise conversation summaries.

The Microsoft 365 Copilot chat experience

Copilot collaborates with users, integrating data from various sources to reduce time and effort. It intelligently finds and summarizes relevant information, keeps users updated on the latest developments, and provides insights into project deliverables and risks.


Microsoft Teams Premium is priced at $7 per user per month and can be seamlessly integrated into several Microsoft 365 plans. Microsoft 365 Copilot is available for $30 per user per month and is designed to meet the specific needs of Microsoft 365 customers.


Microsoft Teams Premium and Copilot work together to enhance team productivity. While Teams Premium streamlines meetings and ensures robust security, Copilot provides insightful meeting recaps and actionable suggestions. This combination of features makes meetings more efficient, keeps communication organized, and ensures that information is secure. To enhance your team’s productivity, consider implementing these solutions within your workflow.

For more information about Microsoft Teams Premium, visit https://365copilotteams.com/.

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