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Delivering exceptional service is crucial for building customer preference and loyalty. However, fragmented tools and lengthy data-entry processes can hinder timely resolution and make it challenging to find the right information. To address these issues, Microsoft is introducing Copilot in Dynamics 365 Field Service—a next-generation AI-powered solution that empowers service professionals on the frontline to speed up time to resolution. This article will explore the features and benefits of Copilot, as well as its integration with Microsoft 365.

Copilot: Empowering Frontline Service Professionals

Frontline workers often struggle with repetitive tasks that take away time from more meaningful work. According to Microsoft’s 2023 Work Trend Index Annual Report, 63 percent of frontline workers face this challenge, while 66 percent feel that they don’t have enough time to complete their work tasks. These workers value AI for its ability to assist with necessary but mundane tasks. Copilot in Dynamics 365 Field Service aims to address these pain points and streamline critical frontline tasks.

Accelerating Service Delivery

Copilot in Dynamics 365 Field Service enables frontline managers to streamline work order creation directly within Outlook. When service requests or questions are received via email, Copilot uses next-generation AI to prepopulate relevant data, including summaries of customer escalations, into draft work orders. Managers can then review these work orders within their flow of work and save them, after which they automatically sync to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service. In the future, Copilot will also offer data-driven recommendations for technician scheduling based on factors such as travel time, availability, and skill set. It will also summarize key customer details and next steps in email drafts, accelerating responses to customer messages. Copilot will be available to assist frontline managers within Microsoft Teams as well.

Boosting Technician Productivity

To enhance the productivity of frontline technicians, Microsoft is introducing a new Dynamics 365 Field Service mobile experience. This modern user interface supports familiar mobile navigation, gestures, and controls, making it easier for technicians to access all the information they need on the go. The redesigned mobile experience allows technicians to manage work order tasks, services, and products efficiently. They can change the status of a booking with a quick swipe or access driving directions to a customer site with one tap. The new design significantly reduces the number of taps required for key tasks, saving valuable technician time. Technicians can also add notes with multiple inline images and access Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides embedded in Field Service mobile for step-by-step guided instructions, pictures, and videos. The Dynamics 365 Field Service app in Teams allows technicians to see upcoming work orders at-a-glance and share full work order details through cards in Teams. Technicians can also access the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist app in one click via their home experience in Teams mobile to collaborate with remote experts using 3D spatial annotations.

Streamlining Work Order Management

Microsoft has also introduced a redesigned work order management experience in Dynamics 365 Field Service. This new experience, available for early access, simplifies the web interface and brings important information to the forefront. It reduces the number of clicks required for key tasks by over a third. The work order management experience provides concise information about the work order and offers relevant next steps based on booking statuses. Users can make quick updates inline or in a side panel without losing context. Copilot provides intelligent recaps within this experience, enabling frontline managers to stay up-to-date without navigating through all the information in a work order.

Partnering with the Ecosystem

Microsoft acknowledges the valuable input of its partners in refining Copilot in Dynamics 365 Field Service. These partners have observed the benefits of AI in enhancing field service organizations. For example, Copilot work order capabilities in Outlook enable field service managers to assign resources and solve problems quickly, leading to quicker response times and enhanced service delivery. Partners such as 9altitudes Group, Hitachi Solutions, Ludia Consulting, and TechLabs London have expressed excitement about the potential of Copilot to improve productivity and simplify work processes for their customers.

Integration with ICONICS and Willow Asset Performance Solutions

Microsoft is also announcing the interoperation of asset performance solutions from ICONICS and Willow with Dynamics 365 Field Service. This integration enables the seamless sharing of critical insights, such as equipment health and faults, to proactively detect and resolve asset issues. The IoT-based solutions elevate asset monitoring and service management, empowering frontline workers to make better-informed decisions based on data. Copilot can efficiently summarize and update work orders generated based on these IoT-based solutions, streamlining service workflows, improving response times, and enhancing overall service quality for customers.


Microsoft’s introduction of Copilot in Dynamics 365 Field Service brings the power of next-generation AI to frontline service professionals. By streamlining critical tasks, Copilot helps accelerate service delivery and boost technician productivity. Its integration with Microsoft 365 enhances collaboration and simplifies communication for frontline teams. Partners and customers have already expressed enthusiasm for the capabilities of Copilot, recognizing its potential to transform field service operations. With the interoperation of asset performance solutions, Microsoft is further enhancing the capabilities of Dynamics 365 Field Service. As organizations strive to deliver exceptional service and improve efficiency, the integration of Copilot and other AI-powered solutions offers a promising path forward.

To learn more about Copilot in Dynamics 365 Field Service, Microsoft 365 integrations, and other features, visit the website.

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