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Microsoft 365 Copilot is a revolutionary integration that is set to have a significant impact, especially with its Copilot in Teams feature. This technology aims to transform the way you conduct meetings and provide valuable assistance. In this article, we will delve into how Copilot in Teams differs from existing features, its benefits, and when you can expect to use it.

The AI in Microsoft Teams Premium

Before we explore Copilot in Teams, let’s take a look at the AI features already available in Microsoft Teams Premium. This premium add-on offers various advantages, including live translation during meetings, enhanced branding opportunities, and manual approval of webinar registrants for a monthly fee of $7. One of its notable AI capabilities is the automatic creation of intelligent summaries and action items from meetings. Teams Premium also provides time-saving tools that allow users to navigate meeting recordings visually, such as jumping to specific points where individuals speak.

Moreover, Teams Premium generates critical highlights and takeaways that are shared among all users, providing a standardized summary rather than personalized ones.

Copilot in Teams: AI on Steroids

Copilot in Teams takes the AI features of Teams Premium to a whole new level. Its power is evident in two key aspects: its integration with business data and its ability to act as a personal assistant during meetings.

Copilot in Teams goes beyond generating on-demand insights tailored to your unique prompts. It can execute actions and make proactive suggestions based on past meetings or conversations. By delving into contextual details, Copilot helps you understand the reasoning behind decisions and provides valuable insights.

The time-saving factor is another significant benefit of Copilot in Teams. If you often find yourself multitasking during meetings, Copilot can keep you on track. You can ask Copilot to automatically recap discussions and decisions, suggest agenda items, help you stay focused, ask relevant questions, and identify project and time conflicts.

Copilot Auto-Generated Summaries in Teams

What if you were not prepared for a meeting? Copilot in Teams has you covered. You can ask Copilot to generate summaries of previous discussions, ensuring you stay informed even if you missed the meeting. Additionally, Copilot can enhance your input during meetings by brainstorming ideas, creating tables and diagrams, synthesizing and formatting information, and providing a clear overview of the ongoing discussions.

One of the remarkable capabilities of Copilot is its ability to extract meaning from vast amounts of diverse data, something that humans often struggle with. Instead of spending hours watching meeting recordings, scrolling through chats, and consulting colleagues, you can rely on Copilot to provide auto-generated summaries. This allows you to gain a deeper understanding of meetings, chats, and channel conversations.

You can also create context-based questions within Copilot to further explore decision-making processes, identify unresolved questions, and understand different perspectives from the group.

Copilot in Teams Chat

While Teams is commonly used for meetings, it also serves as a chat application for many businesses. Copilot in Teams Chat is specifically designed to extract valuable information from chat conversations and filter out irrelevant noise.

Imagine a scenario where a team discusses a social media campaign in Teams Chat, resulting in numerous dead-ends and repetitions. Using Copilot in Teams, you can summarize the day’s discussion and follow up with your own questions. For example, you can ask Copilot to create a table summarizing the people involved in the chat and their roles in the campaign. The possibilities are endless.

Copilot in Teams Phone

Microsoft recently announced that Copilot in Teams will extend to legacy phone systems, including PSTN landlines and VoIP. This means that even if someone joins a meeting using a phone or computer app, you can still receive real-time summaries and insights.

Availability of Copilot in Teams

Now, let’s address the burning question: when can you access Copilot in Teams? Currently, it is only available to the 600 companies participating in the Early Access program. The general availability (GA) is expected in January 2024, with Microsoft 365 Enterprise license holders likely to have early access. Other users may have to wait until later in 2024, although Microsoft might surprise us with an earlier release if the product performs well during testing and real-world usage.

In conclusion, Microsoft 365 Copilot, with its Copilot in Teams feature, is poised to transform the way businesses conduct meetings and extract valuable insights from conversations and data. The advanced AI capabilities, integration with business data, and time-saving features make Copilot a powerful tool for enhancing productivity and collaboration within organizations.


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